Show Program

I. One of Everything
Choreographer: Briley Neugebauer
Poetry: Claire Willett
Vocals: Claire Willett
Dancers: De’Andre Holton, Victoria Lauder, Amara Malcom, Kaileigh O’Neill

Choreographer: Micah Chermak
Poetry: Milly Wallace
Vocals: Milly Wallace

1st Movement: Persephone’s Dream
Music: “Melancholia I” by William Basinski
Mix by: Micah Chermak
Dancers: Sara Gilbert, Sari Hoke, Kaileigh O'Neill, Amara Malcom

2nd Movement: Riptide
Music: “Round/Rund” by Ekkehard Ehlers
Dancers: Micah Chermak, Sari Hoke, Amara Malcom, Victoria Lauder

3rd Movement: Curtains
Music: “Blue Calx” by Alarm Will Sound
Dancers: Micah Chermak, Sara Gilbert, De’Andre Holton, Victoria Lauder, Kaileigh O’Neill (Nov. 3rd and 5th), Tessa Salomone (Nov. 4th)


III. Odysseus
Choreographer: Alicia Cutaia
Poetry: Nat Allister
Vocals: Nat Allister
Dancers: Victoria Lauder, Sari Hoke, De’Andre Holton, Amara Malcom, Tessa Salomone

IV. Where Life Might Let Them Win
Choreographer: Briley Neugebauer
Poetry: Lorelei O’Connor
Vocals: Morgan Cox
Dancers: Micah Chermak, Sara Gilbert, Sari Hoke, De’Andre Holton, Victoria Lauder, Kaileigh O’Neill, Tessa Salomone

1st Movement: Came
Music: “Seagulls on the Golden Shore” by Om Meditation Music Academy
“Branch” by Keith Kenniff

2nd Movement: “Now Go”
Music: “Many Things,” “Even Now,” and “Here” by Keith Kenniff

3rd Movement: “Brought to Pass”
Music: “Letters” and “Grace” by Keith Kenniff

Converge lighting and design by Josh Fitz

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