$13 pays for 1 hour of rehearsal time

$46 pays for 1 day of rehearsal

$85 pays for 1 pair of pointe shoes

$182 pays for 1 week of rehearsal

$200 pays for 1 year of website hosting

$500 covers the venue cost for 1 performance

$728 pays for 1 month of rehearsal

$1,000 sponsors the piano rental for "Compose"

$2,184 pays for 3 months of rehearsal

$2,500 underwrites opening night for "Compose"

It is because of your generous support that PDX Contemporary Ballet can continue to grow, thrive, and push the limits of

"What Dance COULD Be"

PDX Contemporary Ballet is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. As such, all of your donations are fully tax deductable.