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What Dance Could Be

What Dance Could Be

PDX Contemporary Ballet aspires to change the norm.

Using both contemporary and ballet movement, the company synthesizes these traditionally separate forms to create a new vision of dance.

With no preconceived ideas of what dance "should be,” but rather what dance "could be."

Every show premieres new choreography and if our performances don't challenge first time viewer's expectations about ballet, we refund their ticket.

To make dance accessible to all of the community, we keep ticket prices affordable. We also share the stage with many other types of artists to expand the horizons of dance by creating collaborative performances.

PDX Contemporary Ballet is a positive workplace where dancers of all healthy body shapes are welcome. The company fosters dancers on an individual level and searches for their specific personality and talents, empowering them for who they are.


Artistic Director Briley Neugebauer is working with a group of six dancers—some from as far away as Louisiana—to create a company dedicated to a contemporary style of ballet. “The contemporary is a little more earthy and grounded, maybe more modern dance,” Neugebauer says. “What I like to do is take that [modern dance] style and put pointe shoes on it.”